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Dog Lovers, Human and Animal Relationships, True Dog Stories, Memoirs and Biographies of Dogs, Loss of a Pet, Beloved Pets & Friendship, Coping with Death, Grief and Loss.

Max's Journal and the Shiniest Star in the Sky
A True Love Story
by Laura E. Wahby

Max’s Journal And The Shiniest Star In The Sky is a true story and a celebration of the life of a treasured pet named Max, and his devoted companion, Laura.

It has been written with honesty, humor, and integrity based on the writer’s perception of what Max would feel and communicate, and is artfully conveyed through the eyes and perspective of a dog.

Pet owners and animal lovers may identify with the special bond and unique relationship as described by Max in his journal, and others may be amused and surprised by what a sweet and precious dog can teach you about loyalty and friendship.

He did not encounter cruelty, hardship and abuse, as sadly so many of his kind do, but only an over-abundance of pampering, attention and love.

In fact, after reading his journal, you may want to come back in your next life as a dog.

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Laura E. Wahby resides in Toronto, Canada and maintains a professional practice as a Chartered Accountant, Tax Advisor, and Certified Financial Planner. She is an avid reader of animal stories, and was inspired by a shih-poo named Max, to share their story.


Laura E. Wahby

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