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  • Keywords
    • victims of violence,
    • intuition and denial,
    • child abduction,
    • serial rapists,
    • predator / prey,
    • self-protection,
    • self-defense

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When Things Seem Odd
Polly and the Internal Guardian
by Michael Joseph Legare

As you will discover by reading this book, the term “stranger danger” is not only misleading to children, it actually does more harm than good. By the constant reminder that a child encounters by media, adults and television programs about never talking to strangers, children are often left confused and powerless of how to deal with the many strangers they come across on a day to day bases. Secondly, this book aims to teach children to become aware of their instincts (feelings of uneasiness, suspicion or otherwise their apprehension) when it is appropriate and important to do so and when it comes to people and situations they encounter as they go about their lives. Not just people of whom they do not know (strangers), but also of people of whom they may already know. Finally, this book is in two parts: The first part are the three short stories of Polly, a fictional character, that describes in detail certain dilemmas she encounters when she becomes lost, first at a grocery store, next at the fair and then in the third story, the close encounter she experiences of nearly being abducted by a stranger. The stories go into detail about the positive aspects that Polly took each time to protect herself in each case scenario. The encounters are based on a realistic chain of circumstances. The second part of this book is aimed towards parents to look at self-protection strategies suggested by some of the world’s most prestigious experts on the subject of child safety and the criminal mind.

A Child Protection Trilogy & A Compilation of Reputable Information on the Awareness and Preventive Measures of Child Abduction Empowering Children to Live Safer Lives In An Uncertain World Parental Supervision Required This book provides the reader with the stark realities of what predators are all about. The telling of Polly’s story will serve as a way parents can begin to communicate the safety discussion with their own kids. The reader can extract numerous personal defense strategies and awareness tips coupled with the ability of our children learning to trust and act on their inner feelings. This book will be recommended to all the parents in my dojo. -Steven Hiscoe 8th degree Black Belt Can-Ryu Jiu-Jitsu, Owner/Chief Instructor Hiscoe Jiu-Jitsu

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A former prison guard, psychiatric nurse, and Buddhist practitioner (from a disciplinary point of view), Michael Joseph Legare is a student of human behaviour. Currently working towards his Masters in psychology, he is the owner and operator of Arctic Martial Arts—a school of Self–Protection Techniques where he has trained children, young teens, and adults of all ages (including members of the RCMP) for over 15 years. He is trained in both Shori Kan Karate, First Dan, (1st degree Black Belt) and Can-Ryu Jiu-jitsu, Nidan, (2nd degree Black Belt). Mr. Legare’s writing has been inspired by his own children, with whom he shares his knowledge and interest in philosophy and science–Darwinian prehistorical evolution in particular. Michael Joseph Legare is working on his second publication: The Human Dilemma of Reason; An In Depth Journey Into the Realm of Illusion Within an Age of Perilous Mysticism and Religious Intolerance. He currently resides with his two youngest children, Steven Lee and Hannah Mae, in Northern Alberta, considered to be the Dinosaur Capital of Canada.


Michael Joseph Legare

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