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Kwanzaa, Education, Pre-teens, Swahili, Culture, Community, Father and son

Malo's Amazing Adventures!
Discovering Kwanzaa and Beyond with Friends
by Washington M. Osiro and Malo O. Pickett-Osiro

Discovering Kwanzaa and Beyond with Friends is the 2nd book in the Malo’s Amazing Adventures! series. It is dedicated to Malo’s 4th Grade Class of 2012 at Wicklund Elementary School and to Kylie Johnson and the students of Woodside Parents Nursery School Class of 2013. Both classes were gracious enough to invite me to their respective class to speak about Kwanzaa. The book is also dedicated to all the other inquisitive little souls who are not afraid to ask the questions:

How? What? When? Who? Where? and the all-important Why?

While preparing to speak to the two classes, Malo’s father discovers that Kwanzaa is more than a cultural celebration. It embodies principles or “nguzo” that are universal, enhance personal growth and development and promote good citizenship. In the process, he discovers and shares the richness of Kwanzaa and its appeal beyond the traditional and mainly African-American audience.

Maybe you don’t speak or understand a foreign language such as Kiswahili. Maybe you have difficulties pronouncing foreign words such as “eng-oo-zoo saba” or “vitu saba” i.e. the seven principles and symbols of Kwanzaa – all Swahili words. Don’t let that prevent you from learning about the richness and beauty of celebrations such as Kwanzaa and their relevance to everyday life. Read on to discover the joy of learning a different language or experiencing a different culture.

The father-son duo of Washington M. Osiro and Malo O. Pickett-Osiro team up for their latest global adventure.

Born on April 23, 2003 in Tracy, California to an American mother and Kenyan father, Malo developed a keen awareness of the differences – obvious and not-so-obvious, especially between father and son that only increased as he grew older.

It is this awareness that prompts the little boy’s probing and insightful questions; questions that form the basis of this series of books.

Malo lives about 60miles east of San Francisco where he travels freely between his mom’s house and that of his dad. The 6th grader is not as obsessed with LEGO® or MineCraft® as he was when the first and second books were written! He has two stepsisters: Kiersten and Genea; two step-brothers: Andrew and Tyler and a step-father: Steve.

This is the pair’s 3rd book and the second in the Malo’s Amazing Adventures! Series. Also co-written by the pair is Malo’s father’s memoir titled WUODHA: My Journey from Kenya to these United States and Malo’s Amazing Adventures! Excitement Along the River. Both books are published by FriesenPress.


Washington M. Osiro
Malo O. Pickett-Osiro
Dania Mallette

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