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A Search for Better University Education
Experiment at Malaspina by Gary Bauslaugh

Many people have something to say about what is wrong with our universities, but Gary Bauslaugh spent decades trying to do something about it. In this compelling, entertaining, and highly informative memoir, Bauslaugh doesn’t just relate his own experiences, he shines a spotlight on exactly what is wrong with the traditional university undergraduate curriculum, and how it is failing our students and our society.

“Gary Bauslaugh has provided us with a remarkably vivid account of what is really going on in our institutions of higher learning. Vivid both because it is almost entirely a first person narrative—a modern cover of Henry Adams' 19th Century classic: The Education of Henry Adams—and also because it is so deeply and richly informed. As student, professor, and administrator, Bauslaugh seems never to have stopped thinking—both critically and sympathetically, but always insightfully—about what is happening around him, and why. The takeaway is a qualified indictment of North American post-secondary education along with a powerfully argued case for reform. And.....did I mention that it's a wonderfully fun read?”

– John Dixon, philosopher and former President of BC Civil Liberties Association

With a PhD in chemistry from McGill University, Gary Bauslaugh spent many years as a college and university teacher and administrator. He has written for many publications including The Skeptical Inquirer, university Affairs, Policy options and a series of 17 op-ed articles for the Vancouver Sun newspaper. He edited the magazine Humanist Perspectives for five years. Recent books include Robert Latimer, a Story of justice and Mercy (2010), The Secret Power of Juries (2013), and Voices of Humanism (2014). Bauslaugh lives with his wife Gwyneth Evans, a harpist and former English professor, in Victoria, British Columbia. She edits his work. He moves her harp.


Gary Bauslaugh

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