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A Foundation
A Journey of the Soul
by John Henry Hendrykowski

Curious about God – who He is – what He is – if He is?

Have you ever asked yourself the question: “Why am I here – is there meaning to my existence – do I have a purpose?”

Are you left confused and bewildered by religions and their doctrines creating yet even more unanswered mysteries, or have you walked away disillusioned by them, leaving you at a stalemate in your quest for answers?

In this book you may find some viable, comprehensive answers to these questions that will dissipate these elusive mysteries. At the least, this book will provide you with a foundation you can build on in your quest for truth.

As you read you will find clarity into who God is, your relationship with Him and how it can wonderfully affect your journey through this life and beyond.

The author has put together within these pages a compilation of thoughts, ideas, and experiences he has gathered over a lifetime of seeking the truth to these queries and more. You will find them thought provoking in their nature, revealing, enlightening, encouraging, and certainly you will be left with much food for thought that will affect the rest of your life.

You will never be the same after reading this book. It will change you!

John is the father of three living in rural Quebec with his wife and youngest daughter who has been on a ventilator 24/7 her whole life and has been living at home for the past thirty years.

Although a machinist by trade, his life’s passion from the time he was a small child has been to truthfully understand and know who God is and how we fit into the scheme of it all.

Raised a Catholic till he was eight years old and then spending the next twenty years in evangelical circles, provided as much confusion as it did answers. Although he has pursued his passion daily his whole life, John’s drive intensified at this point as he began to research with his wife Nancy (who also shared his passion) the many different religions, beliefs, and philosophies along with their origins and histories; always relating them to truthfully understanding God more.

John and Nancy have dedicated their life to ministering on a personal level to all who are truly seeking the truth and to all those who are confused, disheartened, and hurt by religion or secular ideology. They have helped many to find clarity of mind and realize that they can have a personal relationship with God which is not dictated by a church or religion.

It is like John says: “The journey is yours and yours alone: it can not be done vicariously nor dictated by anyone but you and God.”


John Henry Hendrykowski
Michilynn Dubeau

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