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Scarletina's Quest for Fairy Wings cover

1. Paperback Edition
  • Black & White
  • 152 pages
  • 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

fairies, fantasy, nature, morals, manners, friendship

Scarletina's Quest for Fairy Wings
The Earth Circle by Bess Drew Sherret

Scarletina is a plucky little girl who is in the early stages of becoming a fairy. She attends the Earth Circle, where she studies the fairy craft in the hopes that she will learn enough to cause her wings to bud and enable her to graduate to the Moon Circle. Along the way, she gets into mischief and must face the consequences handed down by her much-feared (yet loved) teacher, Tutty-Grandhill.

Scarletina is never alone in her adventures. Her all-knowing guardian, Suntra-Spider, can read her thoughts and is always nearby to help the impulsive Scarletina get out of trouble. Her best friend, Shantreel, tries to help her make the right decisions, but Scarletina must follow her heart and her curiosity to learn the secrets of the Nightingale Wood.

Along the way, Scarletina discovers how fairies gather Stardust and welcome the flowers. She meets fairies who care for flowers and trees and waterways. She sees the harm that the bad fairies and Two-Leggeds can inflict on the forest. Through all of her adventures, Scarletina comes to understand how the fairy clans respect each other and live in harmony with all the creatures in their magical world.

Scarletina’s Quest for Fairy Wings: The Earth Circle is the first book in a trilogy about the spunky Scarletina. Future books will detail Scarletina’s escapades as she attends the Moon Circle and Sun Circle in her quest to become a full-fledged fairy.

Bess Drew Sherret is a natural storyteller who enjoys entertaining children with all sorts of creative tales, many of which contain a positive message. As a child, Bess was drawn to nature, and her passion for bugs and plants and other woodland critters is reflected in Scarletina’s Quest for Fairy Wings. She has found that children are more open to hearing about doing the right thing when the lessons are woven into a fantasy setting. Bess decided to combine her talents for storytelling with her beliefs about respecting people, plants, and animals to help children understand that we are responsible for everything we say and do. As a result, Scarletina has adventures that allow children to see that everyone—whether human or fairy—must accept the positive and negative outcomes for their words and actions.

Bess spent many hours researching and learning about the flora and fauna featured in the book to make sure all of the details were correct. When she is not studying nature or spending time outdoors, she designs and makes jewelry and has enjoyed performing in theatre productions for many years. She also enjoys cooking and attending Calgary Hitmen hockey games. She lives in Silver Spring, Calgary, with her husband, Alex.


Bess Drew Sherret

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