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Struggling with faith, Infidelity, Finding God, Family dynamics, African American, Self discovery, Overcoming adversity

Cracks in Her Foundation
by Shani Mixon

Mia Johnson, the songbird of Living Waters Church, the daughter of a powerful pastor, and loving wife to her husband Edward, is living the perfect life or so it seems until she is unexpectedly hit with a blow that makes her question her faith and existence in God. Her pain, sadness and disappointment of this untimely revelation quickly turn into bitterness and disgust and she decides to leave her once storybook life and family behind to embark upon a journey that is ultimately destined for destruction. As her family attempts to heal its own exposed wounds and crushing secrets, Mia finds consolation and corrupt employment with a childhood friend, Corey, who is rightfully powerful in all the wrong ways. As Mia desperately looks to continually distance herself from her family thousands of miles away, the bit of light that remains within her, is a lingering reminder in her new life that God still loves her in spite of her pain and decision to leave Him. She will soon have to make a critical decision whether to return home and forgive her transgressors, as God does His children, or continue to deepen her roots in working in the dark bowels of crime.

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Shani Mixon is a new author and has a strong desire to express thoughts and life trials into fiction. As a Christian, she accepts the gift of writing as a way to express real world experiences, challenges, and successes in the form of testimonies of the goodness of God. She understands that life is real. It is honest, rewarding, and at times, hurtful. In her writing, she attempts to create a connection between everyday life, faith, and hope. Shani Mixon is the wife of Pastor Jay Mixon, Sr, the co founder of Wake Up and Worship Ministries.


Shani Mixon

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