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The Princesses of Pony Land
by Sarjana Alam

A curse was placed on Princess Cloudia when she was a foal by an envious fairy queen. The curse is to happen on Cloudia’s sixteenth birthday but when the time comes no one believes in it anymore. Due to this reason, nobody moves to stop the evil fairy but Cloudia’s faithful little sister and four caring cousins. Can they prevent the curse from happening and save Cloudia, or will evil thwart their plans and take control?

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Sarjana Alam lives in Canada with her wonderful mom, dad and older brother. She loves to read and write. One of her favorite places in the world is the local public library. The Princesses of Pony Land is her first book. She developed her hobby to read and write at a younger age and she endeavors to publish more books in the future.


Sarjana Alam
Natalia Starikova

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