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Abacha, Politics and social science, Political leadership, Rank and privilege, Relationships, West African history, Islam.

A Rainy Season
by Nnaziri Ihejirika

It is the rainy season of 1998. An autocratic and corrupt ruler has just died in the arms of courtesans at the presidential villa leaving one hundred million citizens of Africa’s most populous country in comingled states of joy, grief and uncertainty.

Through the eyes of eight fictional characters, A Rainy Season tells the story of Nigeria’s latest journey to democracy. Hamed, the government contractor. Ekei, the desperate fashionista. Jude, the underground radical. Kurdi, the womanizing pastor. Tamara, the ambitious divorcee. Elechi, the inquisitive schoolboy. Mutiu, the disillusioned guard. Nonye, the blossoming idealist. The sprawling metropolis of Lagos is the junction where their stories intersect. In this most chaotic of cities, they are as divided by ethnicity, religion, gender and social class as they are united by a desire to survive at any cost.

Nnaziri Ihejirika spent most of his formative years in the thriving city of Lagos, Nigeria. An alumnus of the University of Toronto, he retains an avid interest in African history, literature and development. Currently residing in Western Canada, he is a frequent contributor to online media with an emphasis on socio-political issues. A Rainy Season is his debut novel.

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Nnaziri Ihejirika
Cover design and illustration
Nicole Miles

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