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Crime, Heist, Toronto, Eighties, homelessness, drugs, alcohol

The Dive
by Robert Muir

The city has a lot to offer.

It’s 1987, and the urban haze has lured young George Wentworth to the centre of Toronto for a summer of fun before seriously looking for work.

But the reality is not what he had imagined. Months in, he is broke, unemployed, and disenchanted. Finally, when approached by two men with a different offer of work, he takes it, without hesitation. But as the crowd welcomes him in, George finds himself in a world he never imagined — a world of crime, drugs and deception — where mistakes are often costly.

Robert Muir has explored Toronto since 1985. Born in London, Ontario, Muir balanced his youth between the family farm and the nearby town of St. Mary’s. Later, he worked in several maintenance shops for both Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railways. A layoff in London brought him to Toronto, where he has continued to reside since leaving the railway in 1990. He now writes at his midtown apartment, where he can watch the ever-expanding skyline in the distance above the treetops.


Robert Muir

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