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In the Way of Jesus
by Paul D. Kroeker

A revolutionary love movement is circling the globe. Broken lives are being transformed and the love of Jesus is being gossiped into the most remote regions of the planet. However, in the West, the church is in decline. The brand image is broken. Christianity is not seen as radical or revolutionary and some of those who claim to be “Christian,” seem to bear little resemblance to the life and teachings of Jesus.

Through national and international engagement in Christian ministry, Paul Kroeker has witnessed this development firsthand. He has come to realize that “Though we thought we were rich, we are really poor, and though we thought they were poor, the international church has the riches we need to live the abundant life Jesus describes” (inspired by Revelation 3:14-22).

In the Way of Jesus takes readers on a journey of renewed hope found in the person of Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit. Through personal anecdotes and biblical insights, Kroeker lays out the path of discipleship that leads to an intimate relationship with Jesus: “When someone has been with Jesus, their love becomes authentic and compelling. They eagerly share what Jesus has done for them. Their joy is infectious. They are an open book—evidence of God’s love and forgiveness. Their love for one another becomes extraordinary and reveals the good news of the Kingdom of God. Brand image and reality are one and the same. This alone will lead to the awakening of the church in the West, allowing for a new tide of God’s redeeming love to move across our nation and heal our land.”

In the way of Jesus you become a disciple who will love, live and serve like him.

Love, Live, Serve like Jesus.

"In the Way of Jesus fills a needed niche, offering church followers a way to really grow in faith. This book is an invitation to live life in a more Jesus-centered way." -Foreword Clarion Review

"If you care about the health of the Church, this is a must read. Paul's prophetic analysis of our culture's impact on the Church points to the need for a better way. Through personal glimpses into multiplying movements of Christ followers around the world, Paul helps us rediscover the beauty of discipleship In the Way of Jesus!" Randy Friesen, General Director, MB Mission

“This book stirs the soul because it touches the reader at the place of longing, to be in deep community with Christ and others. It will also disturb most western readers because we can’t walk in deep intimacy with Christ and avoid authenticity and intimacy with each other. I suspect that this book will be like Buckley’s for most readers, ‘it tastes awful but it works’.” Willy Reimer Former Executive Director of CCMBC

"Paul weaves together inspiring stories of discipleship from around the world, a sobering look at the Western church and a dare-to-dream attitude that makes us long for an authentic discipleship community. Paul creates a desire for the destination and a road map for the journey." Jeff Banman, Director of Mile Two, Providence University College

“Discipleship is the missing element in the 21st century church. This book is a wake-up call for the church of Jesus Christ around the world, especially in North American and Europe.” Tefera Bekere, VP Discipleship-Mission, Global Disciples

“Paul’s passion for God and the Church oozes from every page. As readers, we are called out and challenged to live for Someone and something bigger. This book will awaken your Spirit and challenge your walk with GOD!”  Dr. Gerry Michalski, Lead Pastor, Soul Sanctuary

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When you stand on a high mountain on a clear day, you can see far. Paul Kroeker’s life and travel experiences have allowed him to see spiritual trends and issues others may have noticed, but not fully understood. Over a forty-year period of time, he has been involved in discipleship training and spiritual formation in a number of denominational settings. In the mid-1990s, he and his family spent three months traveling in Europe, exploring new models of spiritual formation and discipleship. This led to a number of international work assignments with intensive engagements in intercultural learning situations. As the Dean of International Programs at Canadian Mennonite University, he directed a gap year program that took students to South Africa, Guatemala, and Burkina Faso. His next assignment was with an international discipleship network called Global Disciples, where he developed new models for church planting and discipleship. Currently, he works with C2C Network, a church planting organization. His role is to encourage discipleship and church planting among new Canadians and ethnic minorities.

Paul and his wife, Arlene, live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, close to their two adult children. An avid traveler, Paul loves to meet new people, experience new cultures and to integrate mentoring and discipleship into a life of adventure. It’s his prayer that this book will be an encouragement for many to become authentic disciples who love, live and serve in the way of Jesus.


Paul D. Kroeker
Brian Larmour

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