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Job Hunting, Business, Career building, Self-help, Motivational, Goal-setting, Work

Passion Driven Profession
by Denise Conway

Many people spend more time planning their vacations than they do planning a career, but we only spend two weeks on holidays and a lifetime working. Sadly, statistics show that eighty percent of people in the workplace are unsatisfied with what they do for a living. Finding a fulfilling career is one of the most challenging decisions that you can make. Whether you’re a student who’s still unclear on career goals or someone who’s already in the workplace and unhappy where you are, Passion Driven Profession offers an outline for your path to success. You’ll learn to clarify your goals, identify the natural strengths and abilities that will make you employable, and determine occupations that offer potential for personal fulfillment. With its insightful perspectives and much practical, hands-on advice about how to focus on and move toward employment goals, Passion Driven Profession offers an opportunity to invest in yourself and begin the career of your dreams. The secret to success is closer than you think!

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As a Career Development Facilitator, Denise Conway has worked with thousands of unemployed youth and adults assessing employment needs and helping her clients achieve the career paths of their dreams. A highly regarded Senior Training Consultant in recruiting, employment counselling, leadership training, and personal development, she holds a variety of certifications in education and assessment tools. In addition to counselling job seekers, Denise has designed and facilitated training in Manager/Supervisor Excellence, True Colors and Personality Dimensions, and she trains Case Managers on how to assess employment needs.


Denise Conway

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