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Prisoner, Penitentiary, British Columbia, Bank robber, Parole, Royal Jubilee Hospital, Mortuary assistant

by John Diener

This book is the story of a young man who lived in Victoria which is the capital city of British Columbia Can. He was a member of a family of five children the brood of English immigrants and the only one who turned out to be a hooligan and all around thug. He accomplished this entirely on his own volition for there was no one to point out the error of his ways. I believe it was due to the environment he lived in. Eventually he grew out of this frame of mind with no help from anyone just the realization that he was going to have to change for the better by himself or loose what was left of his life. The past events are all true.

John Diener. Former Hooligan and now an honest citizen, Diener, pathology attendant retired after 28 years of public service.


John Diener

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