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The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch
Insight for women who struggle to find lasting love
by Marion Baker

After suffering through years of unsuccessful blind dates, meet and greets and internet dating, Marion Baker was still single in her mid-forties and at her wits end. She was fed up with packing her last remnants of dignity to leave yet another failed relationship. What was the secret to lasting relationships? Marion realized she hadn’t a clue. And she knew she was not alone.

Marion deftly explores our self-defeating patterns — the whispers of our subconscious mind and how they lead us into heartbreak — and offers pioneering insights that give new hope for women looking for lasting love.

Baker takes a subject near and dear to our hearts and puts a new spin on an age old dilemma. How do we dance with the mystery of love and not get caught up in the fairy-tale fantasies of our youth? She approaches her own, and others’ foibles in love, with such humor, humility, and warmth, that she draws us into their stories. Baker then takes things up a notch to a trans personal level. She offers us an understanding of why we do some of the crazy things we do to seek love, followed up with ideas on how to regain our sanity! She does a brilliant job of opening our minds, our eyes, and our hearts to examine our own role and responsibility in co-creating Real relationships. The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch is an illuminating guide on the path to surrendering our illusions, and flowing into new steps in the dance of conscious partnership.

-Denise Cunningham – Author of Whispers of Hope: Transcending Abuse, Cancer and Divorce to Embrace Peace

Marion has taken a leap of faith and courage to share one of life's most elusive prizes: true love. It is often hidden in unrealistic fairy tales and expectations, unrequited love and pure fantasy. True love is truly about putting your own personal interests aside in support of the one you love, with this caveat: the love of your life will risk all and sacrifice all to express his affection and admiration for the woman in his life. It is not about being placed on a pedestal. It is about seeking equity with a peer who is your most trusted confidante, friend and lover. And to discover this beautiful Truth, there is a path of hurt and pain and the willingness to keep risking for love because it's worth it. Thanks Marion for bringing together these stories to help women share their collective experiences for the empowerment and support of all.

July Ono, President, On The Beach Education Corporation.

The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch is a brilliant tool for women who want to more deeply connect to their inner wisdom using the mirror of relationship. It is essential reading for any woman struggling to attract, establish or maintain a conscious, loving, healthy relationship with a man and finding herself disappointed and broken-hearted. Based on her own struggles and ultimate success as well as those of others, Marion’s book is filled with compassionate stories, shared with a sense of humour that will provide insight and clarity for transforming and deepening your relationship to yourself and Spirit/Universe so that you manifest the loving relationship that you deserve.

- Ellen Hayakawa, coauthor of Healing the Heart of the World, author of the Inspired Organization

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Marion Baker is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with a speciality in transpersonal therapy – a modality that marries spirituality and psychology. It took Marion thirty years of searching for love to finally uncover the key to sustaining long-term, loving relationships. Equipped with another way to look at relationships that make them more effective as well as create greater spiritual connection and freedom, she felt compelled to share this ground-breaking perspective with women who have been frustrated in finding lasting love. She resides in Surrey, British Columbia.


Marion Baker

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