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Christian, group discussion, mental health, stress, spiritual life, marriage, finances

Strengthen Your Soul, Energize Your Mission by Rob Parkman

Are you running on empty? God does not want you to live that way and he has made every provision for you to be replenished physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually! REFUEL helps you to identify and protect yourself against draining influences in your life and discover the means that God has provided for the restoring of your soul. Get your tank filled so that you will be more fulfilled and effective in your life mission. Don’t go another day on empty.

“When I picked up REFUEL I found it so compelling I couldn't stop reading! It was a bit like looking into a mirror. I was challenged to reconsider my priorities and found hope and practical tools to move forward. Rob Parkman has captured the reality of the lives of so many of us leaders who often sacrifice our own (and our family’s) well being for the cause of helping others.”



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Rob Parkman is a speaker and leadership consultant that has mobilized people towards their God-given destiny in 16 countries. He is passionate about leadership development, organizational revitalization, and engaging in global mission. He holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Sheffield in England. Rob blogs about life and leadership at


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