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Longger-Jo Takes on The Bully
by Sharon Dorival

It’s hard to know how to handle bullies.

But NOT telling someone and NOT stopping the bully can be dangerous.

Bullying is not new and it can happen to anyone.

Remember that if you are bullied, you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault.

Anyone can be a target; in fact, bullies often pick on children who did nothing to provoke them.

Let’s see what Longger-Jo did.

Should he have acted differently?

What would you do?

"This book offers a holistic approach while exploring the development of imperfect but likable characteristics. A very pensive approach as the author shares her personal experiences.

This book will unveil a whole new world out there and reveals the readers’ inner strength. I am surprised by the certain degree of risk in the writings and the mind-bending truth of bullying. In all that is shared in this book, will result in readers stepping outside their comfort zone.

The kids’ temperaments, mental health, peer pressure, and dynamics in the family are all factors in how it plays out in the story."

- Sarah Jean Wilson, Hackensack, NJ, Literary Book Scout/Member of AAP

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Sharon Dorival is an avid reader and passionate writer whose heart goes out to children around the world. Sharon was born in The Commonwealth of Dominica but migrated to Canada in 1999. Since the age of twelve, Sharon has worked as a Health Care Aide providing help and support to the elderly and children of various backgrounds. She has a diploma in Early Childhood Education and is pursuing her dream as a published writer.In 2004, her poem "It Seemed to Me" received Editor's Choice Award.

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In 2012, Sharon was a finalist in the World Poetry Competition. Her poem "Applaud Them" is featured in Stars in our Hearts: Me FirstImages, a classic poetry collection. In 2013, her work is also featured in three other poetry books, titled International Who's who in Poetry, The Best Poets and Poems of 2012 and Sistah's With Ink Voices.

ObedienMe-First World and Poetry on the Run are available for purchase at

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Sharon Dorival
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