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Monsters Of Medicine
The Lives Of Five Serial Killer Physicians: Is There A Common Thread?
by William W. Colliflower, M.D.

Medical training gave them the skills . . . Unfortunately evidence suggests that the medical profession is responsible for more serial killers then all other professions combined. Why is this so? Monsters of medicine chronicles the lives of five serial killer physicians in an effort to find a common thread in their lives. The author believes there is evidence to support that these doctors were all pathologic narcissists. Childhood abuse was present in all their lives. Medical training gave them the skills and opportunities for their murderous and torturous conduct. We are all patients and it is appalling to find institutions and monitoring bodies place reputation and potential liability above weeding out misconduct, incompetence, and our welfare. The fact that two of these killers were actively practicing medicine into the waning days of the 20th century should alert us that this subject is much more than just of historical interest. Key questions of cause, prevention, detection, and treatment are explored. Absolute answers are difficult to expose, but one thing remains almost certain. There is likely another serial killer physician practicing medicine at this time somewhere in the world.

Dr. Colliflower shares a practice of gynecology and women’s health with his wife Linda, a nurse practitioner, in the northern California foothill comunity of Jackson. A midwesterner by birth, he is a former navy pilot, a graduate of the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and completed postgraduate work in gynecology and obstetrics at Stanford University. He is board certified in that speciality. Dr. Colliflower has had the unique and fortunate opportunity to practice for two years in Saudi Arabia. He has also served as the medical director of a large multi-specialty clinic on the island of Guam, and travelled extensively in that part of the world looking at diverse cultures and political structures. When not reading, writing, or practicing medicine, he is an unapologetic history buff, plays golf, tends olive trees, and travels. Monsters of Medicine is his first book.


William W. Colliflower, M.D.

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