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Older child adoption, family, child attachment, child therapy, FASD, healing relationships, Attachment Disorder

Hunter, Faith and the Ancestors: An Adoption Story of Change and Belonging
by Serena Patterson

“Congratulations on your adoption!” Faith, age 8, and Hunter, age 11, aren’t so sure that congratulations are in order; having parents and a new family is complicated. Their new moms, Helen and Toni Green, are also finding adoption to be a challenge. Everyone seems to be above their heads this time.

Help comes in unexpected form; four ancestors from the various branches of Faith and Hunter’s family show up to teach, encourage and cheer this family—from its bewildered beginnings to feeling truly attached to one another by love. Funny, tender and wise, this quartet has much to say about the nature of all families, and about the special needs, challenges and joys of older child adoption.

New for the 2nd edition: Downloadable Study guide. Parents, Social Workers, and other adult readers will want to download the study guide to Hunter, Faith and the Ancestors from the website This chapter-by-chapter guide gives family discussion questions, references, links to essays, information on Attachment and Older Child Adoption, and much more.

“This book would be an asset to anyone parenting those who joined their families through adoption as older children, as well as to the children themselves. With the insight that comes from love and experience, Dr Patterson gives us a book to read, and re-read with our children, gaining understanding and empathy for one another as we do so.”

Cathy Gilbert is parent to 16 children, 12 through adoption. She is also an Adoption Support Coordinator for the Adoptive Families Association of BC.

“Patterson so eloquently portrays the depths of confusion and emotional upheaval that children experience from early developmental trauma, the foster care system and adoption. A must read for every parent adopting a child who has had these early life experiences.”

Kim Barthel, Occupational Therapist

Dr. Serena Patterson is a clinical psychologist with over 30 years experience working with and teaching about children and families. Her lifelong passion for children whose first families could not raise them began as a volunteer at Buckhorn Children’s Center in Buckhorn, Kentucky. It continued through her Ph.D. at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada, teaching future social workers at North Island College on Vancouver Island, counselling families, and finally, becoming a mother through adoption.

Dr. Patterson and her partner Monika have parented three children: one biological, one fostered, and one adopted. More of their writing can be found on their website: There, you can also find a study guide for parents, social workers and counsellors reading Hunter, Faith and the Ancestors, with family discussion questions and information on Attachment, Adoption, Trauma, the effects of Fetal Alcohol and Drug exposure, relationships between adoptive and birth families, and more.


Serena Patterson
Claire Kujundzic

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