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Dado, Vikings, drama, Amazon women, Amazon warriors, action, celtic, medieval, castles, swords, dagger, adventure, saga, summer reading, tales, secrets, mystery.

Valley of The Swan
by KR Kingston

Dado (Dado) grew up as a Viking princess in late 1100 AD. Her vicious Viking tribe, the Omkana’s, reside along the northern shores of the Baltic Sea. Dado’s world suddenly changes when her brutal and scheming father reveals the plan he had for her all along. Without foresight her life is suddenly turned upside down. Loyalty and love has gone terribly wrong, leaving her to begin the journey of understanding herself and her destiny. This destiny leads to people and places encouraging her to understand what it is that she will defend in life. Unsure if she is cursed, Dado believes that all power is found in an arrow and dagger until she is led to the mysterious village called Providence.

This is a menacing era and when Dado is provoked she becomes an avenging angel. Her life is a mix of history and fiction that chronicles a phenomenal journey that she too is an Amazon Warrior. Valley of The Swan is the first book of the Dado Sagas.

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Author KR Kingston offers persuasive and exciting characters to emblem the historic civilization of Amazon warrior women. KR Kingston studied ancient scriptures, megalithic ruins, and archaeological remains to convincingly bring us the story of Dado and her extraordinary account of personal growth and survival.


KR Kingston

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