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Teenagers, Elementary-High School, Classroom Setting, Humor, Kids' Behavior, Teacher-Student Interaction, Millbrook Middle

“Quote, UnQuote”
“Kids really do say and do the darndest things, some adults too!” by Mary Blakey Gibbs

The anecdotes included in this book contain dialogue from students and co-workers that span twenty-seven and a half years. Some entries are humorous and heartwarming and depict the real innocence of youth. Some entries may spark unpleasant or uncomfortable emotions. However you view the entries, just know that there is always a lesson we can learn from a child. Their innocence is refreshing even when we do not always appreciate the context in which it was delivered. I implore readers to offer an encouraging prayer for all teachers and the students entrusted into their care.

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Mary Blakey Gibbs has been a teacher for twenty-eight years (secondary and elementary). She feels that she has been blessed and rewarded from her experience working with children. She has a collection of pictures, drawings, trinkets, and other treasures received from students over the years. Her passion is reading and she has tried to instill that passion in her students. Gibbs lives in Montgomery, Alabama with her husband, John, whom she met at church. He is her best friend and her own personal hero. They have been married almost twenty-one years.


Mary Blakey Gibbs

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