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  • Here Comes Grade One!

    The Big Bundle Grade One Canadian Curriculum Workbook by

    Grade One lays the foundation for a child’s education; over that first year, there’s a lot of ground for a teacher to cover—and a lot of worksheets to plan. There’s no need to develop those materials from scratch! Developed by an elementary teacher, ...

  • Special Just As I Am


    Special Just As I Am is a book about the diversity of children. You will meet a little boy named Brian and his group of friends. Each child will introduce themselves and the different adversities that they experience on a day to day basis. Special ...

  • The Chocolate Story


    Chances are that you like chocolate, right? But have you ever wondered where this delicious food comes from? In this colorful book, discover the author’s story of working on a cocoa plantation in Ghana, and follow the steps that cocoa takes to ...

  • Mud Pies: An Afternoon at Nana's


    Do you like to go to your Nana’s house to play? Sometimes when you are at Nana’s, do you get into mischief? Who likes to get muddy? Who likes sweet treats? You better get to reading “Mud Pies: An Afternoon at Nana’s” to see what mischief these ...

  • Sayni and the Windowjet Brothers


    Sayni and the Windowjet Brothers is about the importance of finding your own individual path regardless of the pressures to conform to a straightforward, mainstream route through life. Follow young Sayni as she seeks to find her passion in life by ...

  • “Quote, UnQuote”

    “Kids really do say and do the darndest things, some adults too!” by

    The anecdotes included in this book contain dialogue from students and co-workers that span twenty-seven and a half years. Some entries are humorous and heartwarming and depict the real innocence of youth. Some entries may spark unpleasant or ...

  • Skits and Plays For Children

    An anecdotal look at Wiigyat’s character by

    Skits and Plays for Children raises the curtain on the infamous Gitxsan Trickster named Wiigyat. Most of the plays feature the Trickster. His antics provide important lessons for the children who have been involved or watched the plays. The Wiigyat ...

  • The Ugly Toad


    The Ugly Toad is a powerful little book that illustrates that the impact of words, as being true or false, is based on your own ability to determine what you believe. It is beautifully illustrated and written for readers of all ages to fully ...