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The Checker Board: Book Four:  Medicine Bow Spirit cover

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Cheyenne Indians, Bounty hunter, Renegade Comanche attack, Railroad holdup, Woman’s life in a frontier town, Surviving under coercion, Revenge and payback

The Checker Board: Book Four: Medicine Bow Spirit
by Nedler Palaz

Pursued by bounty hunters, in 1883, Dave Smith rides out of New Mexico territory toward Wyoming Territory. He encounters the Cheyenne nation in the person of young ‘Moon Stands in Water’ who was taken from her tribe during a raid. Together they encounter a bounty hunter who nearly succeeds in capturing them. Dave accepts a mission from his Cheyenne friends. While on a train from Laramie to Medicine Bow, Dave helps fend off an attack by renegade Comanche. His actions in stopping a holdup attempt on the train leads to a job offer when he reaches Medicine Bow.

Bound by his promise to the Cheyenne, Dave cannot leave Medicine Bow. The town is controlled by Cassius Harding, owner of the hotel and gambling hall, as well as much of the surrounding land. The locals are restive because of a burdensome water tax levied by Harding. Finding work with Harding, Dave soon recognizes Harding has him trapped, as well as controlled by threats against his girlfriend, Rose Loughery.

Forced to do Harding’s bidding, Dave advances the Comanche renegade band’s diversion raids on the outlying settlers and miners in the area. Having been the one to set up these deadly attacks, Dave learns he has been duped by Harding. In a rage, Dave takes apart Harding’s outfit, man by man.

A rousing western full of Indians, outlaws, and powerful individuals cause Dave to lose his freedom. At the end, Medicine Bow is attacked by revengeful Indian renegades who have also learned of Harding’s treachery in dealings with them. Dave is caught in the fight to save the town and his life.

Nedler Palaz is a pen-name chosen by the author to reflect the western background of the fiction series titled “The Checker Board” books. The author, Nellie Pallagi, has a lifetime interest in the western genre. The books include good character development, plenty of action, and a story plot designed to bring back interest in Western lore and storytelling. Set in the 1880’s, the stories relate to Dave Smith’s efforts to carve out a life with skills that include a fast gun, a race horse, and a Cheyenne partner.

Follow the adventures of Dave Smith and Sam Eagle Feather Larson from West Texas through New Mexico territory, north into Wyoming, and on to further western exploits.

Ms. Pallagi resides in Granville, Ohio

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Nedler Palaz

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