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Britain Unravelled
A North American Guide to the UK
by Pamela A. Brown

What exactly is spotted dick or bangers and mash? What times are pubs open? How can you get from the airport to London city centre? How do you use the Tube in London? What about driving? Everyday language and daily routines that you are familiar with in your own country can be mystifying in Britain, even though English is the common language. For tourists and curious travellers, this unique, comprehensive guide to the differences between North American and British culture and way of life will provide the answers.

For readers planning a longer stay in Britain, questions related to many areas, such as work permits, medical care, bank accounts, getting a driver’s license and buying or renting a property will be clarified.

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Pamela uprooted herself to spend almost ten years living and working in Britain. Unexpectedly, she was faced with a steep learning curve as she adjusted to life in another English-speaking country. The culture, the customs, the food, the way of doing work: all this was similar but surprisingly different from what she had known in her home environment. Since her return to Canada, she has often been asked for advice about upcoming journeys to Britain. Now this book will provide all the answers needed for a well-planned trip or a stress-free move to Britain.


Pamela A. Brown

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