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Memoir, Caribbean, Guyana, Mother, Wise Teachings, Family, Values/Morals.

Mom Taught Values with Quotes and Proverbs
A Memoir of Short Stories
by P.M. Boyce

In today’s society, words like “Character,” “Honesty,” “Responsibility,” “Accountability,” and “Respect,” have been replaced by words such as “Acceptance,” “Tolerance,” and “Political Correctness.” This has confused our children. These short stories are meant to restore some of the basic values which once helped to guide us in our moral choices and keep our society strong. Among the values readers will learn are:

the value of home and family, first and foremost

the value of standing up for principles and for what we believe

the value of truthfulness, honesty, and integrity

the value of responsibility and accountability, etc

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“Although Phyllis holds a teacher’s certificate, she has always been more concerned about teaching morals and values than ABC’s. She looks for the opportunity to guide others, especially young people. By counseling adults and children in her church and her community, Phyllis leads many people back to the high road.”

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