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  • The Cooper Brothers

    In the Beginning by

    When the mysterious new boy in town shows up at Jasmine’s baseball game, she is immediately intrigued. Dylan is kind and handsome, and he drives a gorgeous car. But there’s something strange about his relationship with his brothers, Kevin and Kyle. ...

  • Chased Away


    When teen Alison "Ace" Wale's mother is tragically murdered, her father, a police officer, finds three suspects he believes are responsible. But Alison knows they didn't do it, and without adults she can talk to, she must set out on her own to find ...

  • Legacy for the Living


    Those who roam alone are hopeless, and those who stand together have a chance. Two brothers must learn this lesson quickly if they hope to see adulthood. Ranvir and Abbot are completely alone to face the horrors of the new world. In this reality, ...

  • Crime By Design


    Amaya June is a young woman mourning the death of her father. Not believing the tragic hit and run that claimed her father’s life was an accident, she and her close friends Megan and Tyler try to dig up some answers. During their investigation, they ...

  • Her Life’s Dream


    Britney Summers , disabled ,prophesized witch , meant to fight evil using her foretelling dream power . That warned her when evil was threatening both the mortal and magic worlds she had grown up in. Was now dead . Knowing what she does about the ...

  • Light of the Darkness


    Light of the Darkness is the remarkable, adventure-packed story of a woman on a journey dimmed by shadows at every step. Already a survivor of a great deal when we meet her at the novel’s launch, Lux is a Lorean of mixed origins who is also a ...

  • Silent Heroes

    End of a World by

    Caleb believes his role and responsibility to his family is to be the household breadwinner. Abigail, his wife for almost ten years, is a house wife and mother of two beautiful young children Sofia and Noah. Tired of her family life, she divorces ...

  • Winter stays with Me


    With her wound dripping with blood, a girl appears at the gate of a foster shelter...When Elina and her brother William discover that they have been denied humanity from birth, they decide to make a new life for themselves. As they fight the ...