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  • One Arctic Night


    17 Year old Panuk lives in Pangnirtung with his parents and extended family. Panuk’s parents have passed down many Inuit traditions to their children and have also taught them survival skills, including how to hunt and fish. Panuk’s father takes ...

  • A Cemetery for Zooey

    A Novella by

    For Zooey, there’s nothing more rewarding than digging graves––and she’s really good at it. It may not be glamorous working next ghouls or kissing up to her bully of a boss, but it’s probably the best that a Beast like her could do. But when ...

  • It's How We Survive

    The Tale of an American Dreamer by

    Twelve-year-old Lucia Sanchez has faced prejudice and challenges as an American Dreamer ever since she arrived in the United States at the age of five. Yet, with the help of a school friend and a wise and caring teacher, Lucia not only survives but ...

  • So Why Is The Sky Blue?


    When substitute teacher Shaneen Wynelle is suddenly offered a full-time teaching position for the balance of the school year, she can't help but wonder. However, upon meeting her class of 'incorrigibles' she quickly realizes that she has been thrown ...