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  • Shadow of the Spider

    A Quest to Save A Queen by

    One minute Jamie and Jeremiah are ordinary teenagers going about their own business in different parts of the country. The next, a strange vortex appears and transports them to the land of Eleusia in another dimension. They are stunned to learn they ...

  • The Netahs

    Into the Wilderness by

    Josh’s new foster sister is a skunk, and his parents have no idea. Rose looks like an adorable toddler, but she has a feral attitude, an aversion to bathing, and a smell that follows her no matter where she goes. Whenever Josh’s parents aren’t ...

  • The Pegasi Chronicles

    Book 3: The Five Kingdoms by

    After being chased deep into a cave by the Rewera, humans possessed by demons seeking his blood, twelve-year-old Jason and his companions find themselves thrust into a strange yet familiar world. It is a world that sort of resembles ...

  • Mothman's Vengeance


    Every year since 2002, over the third weekend of September, the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia holds its Mothman Festival. But starting back in November 1966, locals reported dozens of disturbing sightings of a winged man near the Silver ...