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  • Project Management in Practice

    A Guide for Effective Delivery of Capital Infrastructure by

    This book is a practical guide to more effective delivery of capital infrastructure projects. Current manuals tend to be impractical and heavy on terminology with an unnatural focus on the project management requirements over the actual deliverable, ...

  • Misfit Thinking

    Using Design Thinking to Energize Innovation and Creativity by

    Is your organization stuck in a rut and unable to see past the same old ineffective approaches? Misfit Thinking demonstrates how teams can become more innovative in order to actually solve problems, creatively. It is a thorough exploration of and ...

  • Interface Management

    Energized Concurrent Engineering on Oil & Gas Mega-Projects by

    This book provides extensive practical knowledge on Interface Management and how it influences the overall life- cycle of project management on oil & gas mega-projects. Also provides a review on how interface management enhanced the Concurrent ...

  • Practical Project Management


    Practical Project Management takes the hands-on experience of some 40 years in nuclear power mega-projects and translates this into an understanding of the key factors that drive on time on budget performance in a project culture environment that ...