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  • Save Our Troubled World

    The Unprecedented Innovative Feasible World Salvation Project by

    Today, when natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes seem to be regular occurrences, it can be hard to hold out hope for a better tomorrow. But in Save Our Troubled World, author James Chen dares to dream of a new era where the effects ...

  • The Fight Against Geoengineering


    Do you find it strange that some airplanes leave lines in the sky while others don't? Ever heard the word "chemtrails"? Well, something is happening up there in the sky. This book details the history of weather modification, the dangers it has to ...

  • Balkymor

    The "Talipes" Effect by

    In 1997, a baby girl named Kelly was born in Sarnia, Ontario with two club feet. While still a baby, she went to the Montreal Shriner’s Hospital for twenty-three visits in eight months to surgically correct her condition. By the time she was six, ...