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  • Mining is the Future

    Three-Step Process to Achieve Sustainability in Mining by

    Metals and minerals are all around us in our everyday lives. They’re used in everything from cars and kitchen appliances to smartphones and complex medical equipment. These natural resources are also integral to many forms of renewable energy. ...

  • The Crackerjacks


    crack•er•jack (ˈkræk ərˌdʒæk) n. a person or thing that shows marked ability or excellence. The Knoxgold mining company has cheated Joe McDonald and his crew out of their hard-earned bonus, and there’s nothing that they can do about it — until they ...

  • King Coal

    A Social History of Coal Mining in Alberta by

    King Coal presents the rich history of Alberta coal mining, and the people and culture that emerged out of the industry, from the 1870s through to the modern era. King Coal invites the reader to discover Alberta’s coal history, its triumphs and ...

  • The Nisselinka Claims


    In the early years of the 20th century Edward Wickford, a settler in northern British Columbia, lays claim to a rich vein of copper and gold. But events outside his control wreak havoc with his plans and dreams of wealth. Two world wars and two ...