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  • Life in the Fast Lane

    The Chris Stoddart Story by

    In the late 1960s, a new sport emerged in Canada that would change the lives of many people: wheelchair sports. In Life in the Fast Lane, Chris Stoddart recounts the rise of wheelchair racing, with him as one of its pioneers. Born with spina...

  • The Rudderless Pair

    An Olympic Journey by

    In 1967, Lyle Gatley was challenged by a friend: if he could survive two months’ rigorous training, he bet, Gatley could become an Olympic contender in the sport of rowing. At six foot five, he perhaps had the right stature, but was nonetheless a...

  • Falcons Forever

    The Saga of the 1920 Olympic Gold Medal Ice Hockey Team by

    Falcons Forever: The Saga of the 1920 Olympic Gold Medal Ice Hockey Team chronicles the Winnipeg Falcons’ journey to the VII Olympiad in Antwerp, Belgium. The team was composed of young Icelandic men, except for one, all first generation...

  • Inspired

    Healing Journeys from Hockey and Beyond by

    Nine athletes. Nine inspiring stories of adversity overcome. People in sports are in it to win it. That means fighting for success on their playing field of choice—but it also sometimes means overcoming challenges in their own lives. The nine...

  • Sticks 'n' Stones

    The Battle for Curling to be an Olympic Sport by

    In the 1970s, when most people thought about curling they thought it was just a game, something that could never be a real sport. Warren Hansen, a top curler in the seventies, felt curling wasn’t viewed fairly by the sports world. That needed to...