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  • My Mountain Biking Neighbours

    Conversations with Otherwise Normal People by

    Three staunch and two casual mountain bikers recount with disarming honesty how they entered the sport and what it means to them today. When they started riding, some were only vaguely aware that they live in one of the world’s mountain biking ...

  • Drinkin' Thinkin'

    a Canadian cyclist's view atop an American barstool by

    On his fortieth birthday, Brian announced to his family that his goal was to cycle from Canada to Mexico and from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts of the US. Over the next ten years, he explored the highways and trails of the country, stopping ...

  • Bike With Your Dog

    How to Stay Safe and Have Fun by

    Bike With Your Dog tells dog lovers how to safely bike with their dogs and have fun at the same time. For many high-energy dogs, a walk on the leash is simply not enough. Dogs love to run and biking enables them to get the exercise they need. This ...