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  • Backcountry Brushes


    There’s something very powerful about exploring under your own speed, whether paddling a lake frequented by artist Tom Thomson, gazing skyward from your vantage point on the water surrounded by cliffs, or hiking to hidden waterfalls carved by the...

  • Backcountry Eats

    Making Great Dehydrated Meals for Backcountry Adventures by

    Make your own high-quality backcountry meals. Are you a seasoned backcountry hiker seeking to lighten your pack? Or, are you a canoe tripper looking to bring variety and savings to your meals? Do you have dietary needs that ready-made meals...

  • Feast on Adventure

    Lightweight, scrumptious recipes for the outdoor enthusiast. Just add water. Scenic views optional. by

    Good food can be lightweight, convenient and delicious! Feast on Adventure guides you through the world of freeze-dried, dehydrated, and instant foods. Learn how to dream up meals for your own adventures, or choose from over 40 field-tested,...

  • Hot Foot

    Walter Knox's Remarkable Life as a Professional in an Amateur World by

    Walter Knox lived in two worlds. As an outstanding track and field athlete, he won amateur championships and broke world records. However, he also explored the seedy world of matched races and it’s violent gambling culture. He played the...