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  • WINS

    Canadian Hockey by

    Greatest Canadian Hockey Games

  • The Chief's Footsteps

    A Social and Natural History Based on the Life and Times of Roy Peck of Danford Lake, Québec by

    This book recounts the remarkable life of Roy Peck, a quintessential yet extraordinary Canadian. Born into an austere rural situation, he stuck by home and family through tough times and discovered the fun of living and the benefits of choosing ...

  • Wee Willie Sherdel

    The Cardinals' Winningest Left-Hander by

    Wee Willie Sherdel was a very humble, courageous left-handed pitcher who became one of the all-time great southpaws in St. Louis Cardinals history. The son of a German blacksmith in a small Pennsylvania village, Willie’s dream was to become a major ...

  • Muskoka Ontario's Playground

    A History of Recreation and Sport in Ontario's Cottage Country 1860-1945 by

    Recreation and Sport are an integral part of Canadian culture. This is nowhere more evident than in the Muskoka District of Ontario. Beginning in the 1860s, people from more populated areas of Southern Ontario and the North Eastern United States ...

  • Coastal Navigation

    for Class and Home Study by

    Coastal Navigation for Class and Home Study is based on the notes prepared for students by the author during some 20 years of teaching navigation, initially to private or commercial pilots, and then to sailors and professional mariners. The book is ...

  • The Infield Fly Rule


    The Infield Fly Rule follows a spirited group of New England teen age baseball players through a baseball season. They roam from town to town in their eccentric coach's converted bus, from ball field to ball field chasing the American sports dream, ...

  • Netting Out Basketball 1936

    The Remarkable Story of the McPherson Refiners, the First Team to Dunk, Zone Press, and Win the Olympic Gold Medal. by

    1936 was the most significant year in basketball’s first half century. For the first time, Olympic basketball ended with a gold medal game. Dr. James Naismith was honored at the Berlin Olympics for his wonderful invention, as basketball achieved ...

  • Diamond Gods Of the Morning Sun

    The Vancouver Asahi Baseball Story by

    This is the story of the Asahi, a Japanese Canadian baseball team that was formed in 1914 and competed in Vancouver's Caucasian leagues between 1918 and 1941. Using a strategy called "brain ball," the smaller Japanese defeated the larger white ...

  • On Tropical Islands and Sparkling Seas

    A book of Travel, Poetry and Insight from a Wanderer's Life by

    Book 2 in the Wanderings and Sojourns series focuses upon the author’s time during two decades spent mostly among the islands that lazily stretch from the Eastern Caribbean to Florida. From his first ever game of golf on a waterlogged Montserrat ...

  • Wanderings and Sojourns - On Five Continents and Three Oceans - Book 1

    A Book of Travel, Poetry and Insight from a Wanderer's Life by

    In this, the first of the Wanderings and Sojourns series, the reader is taken on a variety of journeys spanning all the continents of the world except Antarctica and Australasia. They’ll travel by sea and land through Caribbean islands and ...