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  • Beautiful Brilliant and Brave

    An homage to girls and women around the world who choose to think for themselves; to be trailblazers and to celebrate their greatness, with no apology. by

    “THE BUILDING OF MOUNTAINS and wondrous structures becomes a whole lot easier, and extensively more sustainable, when we commit to celebrating each other’s successes, rather than expending time and energy tearing them down.”

  • You're Probably Not Crazy

    A Book For Emotional Women, Written By an Emotional Woman by

    If you have ever felt like your emotions have no place in either your professional life or your personal one, you’re not alone. Janine Jeanson has been there, and she’s determined to educate readers so we can break the cycle of unhealthy emotional ...

  • Gender Unchained

    Notes from the equity frontier by

    Equity remains elusive in contemporary global society. Gendered inequities abound and persist but are typically overlooked in our responses to difficult problems such as climate change, poverty, or economic crisis. Despite this blind spot, gender ...