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  • Catharina

    Black & White & Very Little Gray by

    The arduous journey of a Dutch - American, from childhood in Nazi occupied Holland, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the USA.

  • Not One, Not Even One

    A Memoir of Life-altering Experiences in Sierra Leone, West Africa by

    In 1978, Nancy Edwards left as a CUSO volunteer for Sierra Leone, where she spent three years working as a community health nurse and two years evaluating primary health care programs. Her stories of village life convey the ravages of tuberculosis; ...

  • Sacred Bundles Unborn


    Sacred Bundles Unborn acknowledges the voices of women who have come forward and recognizes that coerced forced sterilization is happening, while establishing a narrative on this critical issue as it is currently playing out in 2021, while educating ...

  • Language and State

    A Theory of the Progress of Civilization by

    Language and State: A Theory of the Progress of Civilization, Second Edition, argues that the state takes form because of language. It argues that since humans began to use language, they have been able to create and use media. Media include ...

  • The War on Drugs

    Tales from a Member of the Resistance by

    Villella asks, Why has The War on Drugs expanded exponentially for five decades? Why does it continue to fail? What can you do to end it? He hopes to reach a global audience from Baby Boomers to Gen Z, who recognize they have the power within ...

  • China Is Not Our Enemy

    Understanding China In Context To Create A More Harmonious World by

    In a time where the USA seems frantic to maintain their world domination by funding a crusade for democracy, it is easy to paint China as an enemy that needs to be kept in check. But is world domination the right goal? What about world peace and ...

  • When Gender is in Question

    A Guide to Understanding by

    For most people, gender identity is pretty straightforward. We are identified as a boy or a girl at birth and don’t give it a second thought. For others, however, the gender they were born into is not the gender they feel is their true ...

  • The Dead Sociologists Society

    Social Theory and the Harry Potter Narratives by

    In The Dead Sociologists Society, Mark Stobbe manages to attend a meeting of the Dead Sociologists Society where he learns that the magical struggle between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort really happened. The Harry Potter series was implanted in ...

  • Slowing for the Rough Stuff

    Trucking in War-Torn Yugoslavia by

    The complexities of war are only truly known when you’ve experienced it. From 1992 to 1994, Jonathan Jones, an ex-serviceman of the Gloucestershire Regiment, found himself in the depths of chaos while providing humanitarian aid as a civilian truck ...

  • The Morizo Story

    The life story of an immigrant from Hiroshima, Japan who came to the United States at the age of 15 by

    An Incredible Story of Survival and Success for a Young Man Chasing the American Dream This is a fascinating biography of Morizo Fujimoto, a Japanese American Issei (first generation), lovingly written by his eldest son, Dr. Jack Fujimoto. It ...