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  • Science and Beyond

    Toward Greater Sanity through Science, Philosophy, Art and Spirituality by

    Science, coupled with technology, has become the dominant force in most parts of the world. Thus, it affects our lives and society in many ways. Yet, misconceptions about science are widespread in governments, the general public, and even among many ...

  • Journey into Chemistry

    A Logical Approach to Understanding Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry by

    Journey into Chemistry is a clear guide to easier comprehends chemistry, particularly challenging structures. It is designed for middle through high school students and is also open for students who are interested in pursuing medical, as well as, ...

  • Reflections on Science, Religion and Society: A Medical Perspective


    Throughout his long and distinguished career in medicine and neuroscience, Dr. Joseph B. Martin has had the honor of delivering speeches to graduating students, professional societies, and academic conferences. As both a lifelong Anabaptist and ...

  • How We Got Here

    The Translation by

    Have you ever wondered how the universe was created and just what the space around you is made up of? Do you ponder about time—about what it is and how it works? Do the effects of Einstein’s theory of relativity intrigue you? Would you like to ...

  • Accidental Discoveries

    From Laughing Gas to Dynamite by

    Accidental Discoveries - a man inhales laughing gas...and feels no pain in his leg - a blast of water in a bathroom leads to a billion dollar invention - a scientist dreams the answer to the question that had him stumped - a spill creates an ...