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  • The Fourteenth Commandment

    Keys to Becoming Completely Free and Whole Indeed by

    Finding one’s feet in these perilous and confusing times can be a hard-fought battle. Many try to live normal and quiet existences, but with every step made towards finding normalcy, peace, and comfort, very confusing and inexplicable events and ...

  • Out of the Depths


    When Evangelist Edward Charles Murrell asked a young man if he were saved, the man said he was thinking about it, but two questions were bothering him: Where did the dinosaurs come from, and where did Cain get his wife? Over the next 30 years, ...

  • First Adam

    Divine Design by

    And God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness." A very familiar passage that embodies so much significance: what did the image of God LOOK like in every day life? How did first Adam embody the likeness of such a vast spiritual ...

  • God's Angels

    His Ministering Spirits by

    God’s Angels: His Ministering Spirits is clearly the work of a mature, highly educated and experienced author. Dr. Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) produced the book toward the end of his life, after he had given strong leadership in church matters, ...