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  • Science and Spirituality... bridging the gap


    This book provides a fascinating, well-researched, and thorough discussion of the connections between science and spirituality, including religion. It is eye-opening and allows readers to truly redefine how they look at these disciplines while ...

  • Discovering the Art of Soul Friending


    This friendly, accessible book is about the age-old hunger in human hearts to open, and deepen, and grow towards faithful intimacy with the Source of all that is. This spiritual journey is radically personal, but it is not meant to be entirely ...

  • Stumbling in the Half-Light

    John Sargent - The Stories by

    Stumbling in the Half-Light follows a self-professed “chubby little half-breed” from the Six Nations reservation as he embarks on a lifetime of spiritual adventures within the Baha’i community. Through fifty-two short, autobiographical stories, John ...

  • Born Into Unity

    Embracing Our Common Spirituality by

    Today, many of us live under the impact of cultural pressures urging us to adopt an independent, me-first (or us-first) orientation towards life. "Born into Unity: Embracing Our Common Spirituality" urges us to do the opposite. This collection of ...

  • Mind Files

    Perception, Perspective, & Problems by

    Our perceptions become our perspectives, and our perspectives can become so rigid that they create problems in our lives. Perception, Perspective & Problems takes a look at the mind's process of using the past as a reference in understanding what ...

  • Fully Engaged on a Courageous Path

    Living Life in the Moment With Reiki, Channeled Guidance Spirit Animals, Shamanic Journeys, and Tarot As Spiritual Growth Tools by

    Unexpected things happen in life. How you handle them defines you, makes or breaks you. For author Estelle Reder, that journey evolved though a series of exciting new experiences from shamanic journeys to Reiki healings and teachings and guidance ...

  • Living In Dominion

    A Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Life by

    God gave Adam and Eve dominion over the earth and everything in it, not only to command but to nurture as well. Living in Dominion challenges and inspires us to expand on that dominion, turning it inward to nurture our own physical, emotional, ...

  • The Days of Unheavened Bread

    Receiving the Leaven from Heaven by

    “…it shall be for a time, times, and a half;…”, (Daniel 12:7). In ancient Israel, the spring grain harvest was marked by a unique ritual—the waving of the sheaf, usually acted out during, “The Days of Unleavened Bread”. Marking the previous physical ...

  • God is Alive and Well


    A soul-touching and inspiring book, God Is Alive and Well presents a fresh and exciting view of God that will ultimately draw readers into a deeper understanding of—and relationship with—their creator. Dr. Walker asserts that to “fully understand ...