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  • A Prison Chaplaincy Manual

    The Canadian Context by

    The manual provides a rationale for chaplaincy by using Winnifred Sullivan's three categories of religious secularism, irreligious secularism, and areligious secularism to outline the essential and transforming value of spiritual care services ...

  • Free Man Walking


    The horror of loneliness. Over 10 years in prison. Hooked on heroin, cocaine and drugs for 23 years. A chronic alcoholic for 27. Homeless. Eating out of garbage bins. Born into a violent alcoholic home. Molested by a pedophile in a residential ...

  • Refuel

    Strengthen Your Soul, Energize Your Mission by

    Are you running on empty? God does not want you to live that way and he has made every provision for you to be replenished physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually! REFUEL helps you to identify and protect yourself against draining ...

  • Broken and Beautiful


    The Japanese have an ancient tradition called kintsugi. Instead of discarding a beautiful bowl that has been broken, they use gold to repair it, creating a vessel that is unique and even more valuable than before. Kintsugi illustrates the truth that ...