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  • Raj Yoga

    The Royal Path to Enlightenment by

    Every mortal creature is fraught with the fear of death. Even man thinks he shall disappear into the abyss of nothingness. But the Godheads all beg to differ: Krishna, Jesus, Buddha et all. They unequivocally declared death as the staircase to ...

  • Truth Be Known


    “It is said that truth is stranger than fiction but this opinion is due only to incomplete knowledge. Relative to the eternal spiritual reality, nothing is stranger than a world whose people are uneducated in conclusive spiritual truth. Lacking the ...

  • Be YourSelf

    Spiritual Awakening for Everyone by

    Few in this life escape stress and suffering. But what if the world were nothing but an illusion? Speaking joyfully from the intersection of science and spirituality, psychiatrist Akshya Vasudev introduces “bite-sized” wisdom from Vedanta, the ...