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  • Come, Look in My Kaleidoscope


    While Joyce Coy was recreating mosaics of her adventures with words, she pictured her grandchildren from ages 7 to 25 who often asked, “Gramma, tell us a story about you.” Joyce has included naughty moments, the yearning and search to know God, and ...

  • The Disobedient Servant


    As a young child, Norma heard the Voice—a connection with the Holy Spirit that continues to this day. Guiding, comforting, and encouraging, the Spirit’s voice assures her of God’s constant presence, even when she feels far from Him. A witness to ...

  • A Presbyterian Requiem

    A Canadian Pastor Reflects on 50 Years of Ministry by

    This memoir recounts six appointments over a half century of Christian ministry.The author, Don MacLeod, has seen the Presbyterian Church in Canada go through some major challenges, as Canadian society is changing. He was accepted as a candidate for ...

  • My Delightfully Dysfunctional Family

    (And Me) by

    THIS BOOK I S RIDICULOUS! IT IS A FUNNY, EMOTIONAL, AND INSPIRING STORY ABOUT ME AND MY FAMILY MEMBERS, OLD, NEW, AND ALL –INCLUSIVE. The title, “My Delightfully Dysfunctional Family,” got stuck inside my head and refused to go away, so I decided ...

  • God and Green Tea


    In her memoir, God and Green Tea, Canadian minister and former nurse Marilyn-Ann Elphick shares spiritual practices that have helped her flourish in the face of challenges throughout her life. Elphick’s recollections reveal the importance of ...