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  • Get Down To Worship

    Biblical Evidence Attesting to Physically Bowing In Worship by

    You are guaranteed to find a unique and life-changing form of worship within these pages. Here you have the keys to a radical worship style that is entirely Biblical but unfortunately under used in Christianity. Let’s consider the words, “…at the ...

  • All About Eden

    The Genesis of Sex by

    It wasn’t Eve’s fault. All About Eden: The Genesis of Sex is an intriguing exploration of the Garden of Eden story from a new perspective: Eve is not responsible for the sin of the world. Detailed reinterpretation of a key Hebrew word in Genesis 1–3 ...

  • Revelation Revealed

    The Bible's Grand Finale and its Message to Us by

    In popular culture, the focus of the biblical book of Revelation has been on the identity of the antichrist and the end of the world. Though Revelation speaks to these issues, the book is primarily about Christ and how he addresses humanity’s ...

  • A Beginner's Guide to the Rapture

    and the History of Christ's Return by

    The Lord himself will come down from heaven. We will hear a loud command. We will hear the voice of the leader of the angels. We will hear a blast from God’s trumpet. … We will be taken up in the clouds. We will meet the Lord in the air. And we will ...