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  • Follow the Lamb Wherever He Goes

    A Call to Discipleship from the Book of Revelation by

    The world is changing at a rapid pace and most people are busy just trying to keep up. Some are moving in the right direction, some in the wrong direction, and many are just running without much thought about where they are going. Who will you ...

  • You Have Been Baptized, Now What?

    Spiritual Growth for the New Christian by

    I Have Been Baptized . . . Now What? is a personal devotional tool for new Christians. Both a workbook and an educational resource, this book covers topics such as community, prayer, and the importance of waiting on the Lord in all aspect of our ...

  • Revelation

    Unlocked Mysteries of Twelve Great Visions by the Apostle John by

    Undeniably, every religion’s perspective of events on earth has spiritual origins. The Bible’s book of Revelation is unique in that it represents every person—past, present, and future. History cannot be fully understood without acknowledging the ...

  • John's Revelation


    John’s Revelation is a novel about two young people who crave earnestly to understand the prophecies in the Bible. They hope that it will reveal what’s in store for us humans on earth. They accept the challenge and the danger that brings in trying ...

  • Searching the Scriptures

    As in Acts 17:11 by

    Is it true that a born-again Christian can never be lost? Do the scriptures teach that we should forgive all sinners? What is the one thing Christians must do to ensure they will not be punished on Judgment Day? Searching the Scriptures as in Acts ...

  • The Way of Grace

    A Study of the Position and Operation of God's Grace in a Christian's Life by

    This is a clear, concise, well-written book that is chock full of all sorts of information and references. While the text is certainly authoritative and well researched, the prose is accessible enough that the average reader can easily grasp the ...