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Revelation, Revelation commentary, Revelation analysis, Biblical studies, Biblical analysis, Mysteries of God, House of God

Unlocked Mysteries of Twelve Great Visions by the Apostle John
by Peter K. Thoss

Undeniably, every religion’s perspective of events on earth has spiritual origins. The Bible’s book of Revelation is unique in that it represents every person—past, present, and future. History cannot be fully understood without acknowledging the spiritually discerned contents of Revelation. Drawn from over fifty years’ experience and the study of both English and German translations of the Bible, Revelation conducts an in-depth analysis and discussion of the book of Revelation. Written in an easy-to-follow format, Revelation moves chronologically through the chapters and verses of the book of Revelation, making connections to our world today and providing thoughtful interpretations of each verse.

Peter Thoss was born in Plauen, Germany in 1935, growing up in war-torn Germany and belonging to a generation which has experienced the progress from horse and buggy to the modern computer age. He lived in both East and West Germany before emigrating to Vancouver, Canada in 1957. Peter has worked in the airline and realty industries, and has been a house builder and a scholar-writer. He has traveled to more than thirty countries and studied a diversity of cultures and religions.


Peter K. Thoss

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