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  • The Balance

    A Channeled Manuscript by

    The sixth Chosen One of ancient prophesy is now walking earth as an unknown woman living a normal life. When her channel opens, however, Varahn suddenly faces the reality that heaven exists, and her ordinary life is upended. Varahn is told she’s ...

  • Christ is Coming

    Eight prophesied coming events before THE RAPTURE by

    COMING BIBLE PROPHESIED EVENTS Their order of events Proceeding Christ’s second coming WE SHOULD KNOW • Prophetically: Where are we right now? • A sure knowledge of Christ’s coming and the 7th trumpet. • Eight Bible prophesied events before Christ ...

  • Revelation

    The Last Book of the Bible and What Jesus is Really Teaching Us by

    Revelation is possibly the most controversial book in the bible. Some famous theologians have even suggested to remove it from the bible cannon because it is so hard to understand. I will argue it is not that difficult to make sense of as long as we ...

  • From Galilee to Golgotha

    An Ancient Walk that Changed Everything by

    Following the steps of Jesus from Galilee to Golgotha at the end of his ministry, this book provides a helpful and detailed focus on the importance of the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus. Rooted in historical detail and prophetic texts, ...

  • The Way of Grace

    A Study of the Position and Operation of God's Grace in a Christian's Life by

    This is a clear, concise, well-written book that is chock full of all sorts of information and references. While the text is certainly authoritative and well researched, the prose is accessible enough that the average reader can easily grasp the ...

  • Obedience and Beyond


    Obedience has always been considered a key aspect of faith: obedience to the word and will of God. If we do not do what is asked of us, and avoid doing what is prohibited, how can we say we truly follow His teachings? How can we claim to believe in ...