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  • Into and Out of the Spin


    The tall sculpture on the front cover of this book was created from an striking experience the author had in the late 1970s when looking at the news on the TV. In the course of approximately four seconds, a tall young German boy - absent of mind, ...

  • The Pearl and the Hut Volume II

    Anthroposophical Soul Wisdom for Adults with Divorced Parents by

    The Pearl and the Hut, Volume II explores understandings and higher perceptions around the psychological developments and heart challenges of adult child of divorce. The soul-spiritual insights in Rudolf Steiner's human consciousness philosophy, ...

  • The Pearl and the Hut

    Soul Wisdom for Growing up and Living Between Divorced Parents by

    The Pearl and the Hut, Volume I, is a comprehensive therapeutic resource for adult children of divorce and for caregivers helping young children who are experiencing parental divorce. Yiana Belkalopolos addresses the trauma many children experience ...