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  • The Rats Had Never Left

    Conquering Colonists & Systemic Racism by

    Systemic racism underlies post-colonial societies, due in part to the undeniable legacy of historical racism. The conquering colonist (often mistakenly referred to as the “settler-colonist”) dominated the colonized, especially their minds. ...

  • Canadian Colonialism

    Past and Present by

    For anyone interested in Canadian history and past and present racism in Canada, this is a thoroughly researched exploration of Canada’s history of internal colonialism, starting in the mid-1800s. The author gives thirty examples of Canadian ...

  • A Sliver of a Chance

    Insights and Observations of a Canadian Immigrant by

    Insights and Observations of a Canadian Immigrant. This inaugural poetic journey unapologetically delves into the heart of the most challenging issues facing our world today. Plunge into this thought-provoking exploration of political intrigue as ...