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  • Jaime's Inspirations

    Poems from the Heart and Mind by

    I kept your love inside me, like a dove that wanted free At different moments in our lives, we all experience feelings of intense emotions. We all find our own ways of handling good times and bad, and the consequences they bring. But we can ...

  • All of Me


    All of Me is an emotion-packed collection of short poems whose focus is heavy and human. Here are thoughtful, stirring pieces on subjects as universal and challenging as self-image, personal courage, and loneliness. These poems—a representation of ...

  • Live to Death

    The Beginning by

    "Live to Death" The idea of this book title was quite spontaneous as I find it difficult to find that perfect anything. However, the title does makes sense with my beliefs and a lot of what lies in this book. The idea is to simply live life to the ...

  • We Miss You

    Giving All My Flowers To A Ghost by

    We Miss You: Giving All My Flowers to a Ghost is a timely, compassionate, and evocative book of poems about topics which touch all of us in some way over a lifetime, but which we often have a hard time talking about. The poems speak of dealing with ...

  • War


    Sometimes, in the most extreme situations, out of desperation, words come about. Not to be shared with others, nor to ever be read again. They are words scratched out onto paper in an attempt to give some kind of shape to the crucial & desperately ...

  • Of Course It Hurts


    Warm fuzzies for the soul. For anyone who has ever felt silenced, confused, or frustrated. Who has gotten mad unintentionally, spilled coffee, or lost sight of the stars. For the dreamers, for the doers, for the "I-just-showed-up-can-I-leave-yet." ...

  • My Shattered Pieces


    Do you ever feel lost or heartbroken? Do you struggle to find the energy and motivation to see the silver linings and bright sides of dark situations? At some point in our lives, we all feel alone with this pain. We feel isolated and are often ...

  • Poems That Spark Discussion

    One Veteran's quest to find his voice and manage Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by

    “I wish my arm or leg were lost, then you will realize what war cost, as you cannot see my mind that was lost.” Poems That Spark Discussion is the story of one veteran’s quest to find his voice and manage post-traumatic stress disorder. A ...

  • A World Diverse III

    In Need of Help by

    The world is ever changing. People seem to have lost the will to slow down and enjoy restful hours. They have put enormous stresses on themselves and others as they try to accomplish more in a shorter time frame. Work consumes their life. Rapid ...

  • Fire & Whiskey


    for four seasons i endured it twelve months where it was all i knew a year of burning aching drinking and hurting of fire and whiskey; and now i give what's left to you