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  • Seaside Summer


    Seaside Summer is a sweet burst of poetry that celebrates summertime fun spent with friends and family on or near the ocean. Its words and illustrations embody many childhood summer pleasures including warm water for swimming; vast sandy beaches for ...

  • Rise Above The Devil

    Never Give Up The Fight by

    The war rages on. This book deals with all the little battles I have had to deal with as life moves forward. Written in many different styles, love, hate, humor and maybe even crazy. Whatever the style or theme, it helps me cope and continue to ...

  • A Hearts Humble Heeding


    This is a composition of poems from the heart, imperfect and unformed, they are a tap into the cosmos of emotions. A moment in time of growth and letting go. On a souls journey, to reach out to the self and other, to connect and feel peace within. ...

  • Surviving Recovery


    Surviving Recovery offers a glimpse at the highs and lows of a life of addiction. Through personal, rhyming verse, these poems explore cycles of self-destruction, strained relationships, loss and grief, relapse, and, ultimately, the humility of ...

  • Murmurings


    Living was not lost on us for the island’s millennia spoke, its nooks and crags murmuring… There are stories being whispered around us, if we but listen. Murmurings is a collection of poetry that draws upon the experiences of a lifetime spent ...

  • Arcade of Memory


    “The passing of years seems a ruse of the gods, for only yesterday I was playing in the sand.” Memory is a strange thing. A fragile patchwork of recollection. A dream that fades after waking. Arcade of Memory is a beautiful collection of essays, ...

  • Little Hugs

    Encouragement for your Soul by

    My arms are spread wide, Knowing God is my parachute Through the adrenaline and unknown... Full of spirited energy and electrifying emotions, Little Hugs consists of poetry and prose that leaves the reader feeling connected and curious. Raman ...

  • A Cat Named Birdy


    A Cat Named Birdy consists of a large number of short, warm-hearted poems that express delight and wonderment at the antics of a cat named Birdy. A Cat Named Birdy has two protagonists: his former budgie, Berty (2010- 2012) and his present humane ...

  • Out Of The Storm

    On My Own by

    On My Own is a collection of personal poems that explore the experience of shifting into a solitary life—and not by choice. After the devastating end of her thirty-four-year marriage, author Deborah Russell worked to adjust to a new chapter on her ...