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  • Signs of Spring

    Mindful Optimism for Modern Times by

    SIGNS OF SPRING Spring’s subtle flirtation Begins with soft brush strokes Upon the wintery landscape Days stretch out their limbs Waking from a slumber And then, the other morning Did I notice a shift in the light? But to my mind this cannot yet ...

  • Rhythm of Darkness


    Blinded by the darkness, feeling as though life could not get any worse? It can always be worse. Put yourself in the shoes of others. Take the time to imagine; to feel what they have felt when their lives took a terrible turn. Open up your soul to ...

  • Our Words


    Our Words is eighty-two poems that speak of the beauty of creation and our place in the heart of it. Amidst the rush of everyday living it can be hard to find peace; Our Words offers the reader a place to do so, a haven where they can feel the ...

  • Dear Adventurist


    In this collection of original poems, the dreams, desires, and experiences of a young traveller are explored through the lens of a young woman seeking to know herself, the world around her, and the people in it. Using a lyrical free-verse style, ...

  • A Riddle to Ruin


    On the island I wake up on when I doze off, the air is heavy but the wind blows soft. There are no stairs to heaven as my glow is a little off. Boxed inside a spherical space. Death races to extinguish the life of brain cells in a place where the ...

  • Observations, Volume One

    Past Meets the Future? by

    The human experience is a journey through time, space and moments meant to expand our collective consciousness. These moments come and go in an instant. What did we feel, see and learn from these moments? This book is a collection of one man's ...

  • Unconditional Love Poems


    This wise and moving poetry collection explores the depth of love in many forms, from romance and desire to family to women's shared experience. The theme of unconditional love is universal to women as lovers, and mothers, and through shared ...

  • I Have Nothing to Say, but I’m Going to Say It Anyway

    Thoughts, Questions, Nonsense by

    Thought provoking, lyrical, and humorous, these pages are filled with insights that range from the deep to the nonsensical and are designed to start conversations that may cause you to reach beyond the actual written words. With reflective drawings ...

  • Black Magic Pure Magic


    The inspiration for spewing my words onto these pages is to bring love and light to my audience. To bring together a community of people who have suffered immensely. To feel understood. To take a glimpse into a person’s life that has been in a dark ...